Montrose provides technical support to private and public sector clients in the design, implementation, technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation of some of the world’s most groundbreaking public health programmes, in countries where the need for strengthened health systems is crucial. We work on all aspects of public health including:

  • Health systems strengthening at national and subnational levels
  • Health policy, strategy and planning including in decentralised settings
  • Health infrastructure including redesign and renovation of existing health facilities
  • Quality assurance and monitoring of health service delivery including in post-conflict settings
  • Maternal, neonatal and child health
  • Control of communicable diseases including malaria, HIV and TB
  • Design and implementation of disease surveillance systems
  • Prevention of water-borne diseases through access to safe water and sanitation
  • Pre-service and in-service health worker training including in clinical management, health facility management, support supervision and community health
  • Behavioural change communication for better health at community level
  • Public private partnerships for improved health service delivery
  • Health financing including results-based financing in the private-not-for-profit sector
  • Medicine supply management including credit lines and revolving funds for essential medicines

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