Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Montrose delivers the full range of monitoring, evaluation, research and learning functions. This includes independent and impartial reviews, assessments, surveys, technical evaluations, and systems strengthening for all our clients. Our technical experts provide rigorous review of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact for short-term projects, longitudinal programme evaluations, and intervention design. Our programme delivery is driven by technically sound and contextual relevant theories of change, with clear and measurable indicators and log frames.

For clients aiming to enhance the efficiency and value for money of their operations, Montrose provides:

  • programme audits
  • annual reviews
  • systematic reviews
  • impact assessments
  • cost-effectiveness analysis and scenario planning
  • high quality reports that give an accurate picture of project success, value added, and social and corporate rates of return

At a national level, Montrose works with governments to improve national systems, capacity and tools to increase the availability and use of evidence for policy development. Engaging with the right people, no matter how complex the operating environment, allows us to go further to provide feedback between clients and their stakeholders; and ultimately provide robust, technically sound and contextually nuanced analysis to drive impact and results.