Design and Implementation of a Pre-financing Mechanism for Health Commodities (2010-2012)

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2 years

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  • Procurement of public health commodities through donor funding is often not done in a timely manner due to delays between awarding of funds and crediting of funds as well as the actual procurement process itself.
  • Our client, NetGuarantee wanted to test a new pre-financing mechanism for long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) whereby an insurance policy is taken out against the donor funding commitment (in this case Global Fund) to allow the developing country recipient to begin the procurement process.


  • Montrose was contracted to pilot this pre-financing mechanism in Mozambique which had successfully applied to the Global Fund Round 9. The work included:
    • Development of stakeholder engagement strategy and negotiations with key stakeholders, resulting in inclusion in Global Fund Grant.
    • Development of early LLIN procurement strategy and negotiation with procurement agents, resulting in early procurement and distribution strategy in place for delivery to beneficiaries.
    • Early LLIN distribution strategy developed, resulting in timely strengthening of infrastructure and partners in distribution network.
    • Comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework developed for wide-ranging impact measurement.
    • Estimation of LLIN baseline data from secondary data sources.
    • Data collection during LLIN distribution.
    • Data analysis to estimate LLIN coverage and usage.
    • Production of final report.


  • Montrose provided support to the successful launch, introduction, implementation and impact measurement of the NetGuarantee pre-financing mechanism in Mozambique.
  • The final report included an estimation of lives saved due to NetGuarantee.