Grant Management

Montrose prides itself on its detailed and current appreciation of clients’ priorities, operating styles, and contracting mechanisms. This allows us to provide a responsive and appropriate service, and to guarantee professional and fiscally responsible contract execution. Montrose has effectively managed a number of projects which require the contracting of local partners for sub-grants.

Wherever project implementation depends on the management of a number of local provider grants, Montrose follows international procurement best practice.

Specific services in this area include:

  • Service provider scoping – including financial due diligence and assessment against national and international procurement regulations
  • Country-specific tax and legal compliance
  • Consortium management at regional or national level
  • Grant conditionality monitoring and review – including agreed targets and performance monitoring plans for sub-contractors
  • Consultant identification – we maintain a broad selection of technical and operational consultants across our operational regions to ensure precise, technical and good value resourcing for all our projects