Net Retreatment Training Manual Development and Roll-out (2010)

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Syngenta PLC

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Project Duration

6 months

Total Value


Value of Montrose Component



  • IconMaxx is an insecticide net treatment kit manufactured by Syngenta that converts conventional mosquito nets into long-lasting insecticidal nets.
  • Our client requested support from Montrose on developing an implementation and communications package for staff, distributors and customers.


  • Montrose supported the implementation of Syngenta’s mass net retreatment campaign by developing a handbook and implementation package.
  • Following consultation with the client, Montrose developed an implementation package for Icon Maxx net treatment kits. This included a step-by-step illustrated handbook on the proper use of the product for Syngenta staff and their distributors.
  • In addition, Montrose held a series of train-the-trainer sessions with Syngenta staff in Uganda and Kenya, along with a set of learning and training materials for use with their customers.


  • The handbook and implementation package designed by Montrose enabled staff, distributors and customers to properly use this pioneering health product.