Civil Society Support

Montrose provides a range of service options to help clients maximise the benefits from civil society engagement. These include:

  • Stakeholder engagement: This gives clients an opportunity to target their social investment appropriately, improve community acceptance and ultimately underwrite their social licence to operate.
  • Policy roll out: Ranging from training and gap analysis to behaviour change communication, we provide a range of project interventions aimed at translating policy recommendations into practical community solutions.
  • Transparency & accountability: Using a range of engagement models from meetings to media, Montrose civil society projects enhance feedback mechanisms between clients, communities, governments and citizens.
  • Capacity strengthening: For civil society organisations and individual implementing partners, this increases the ability of empowered and competent local entities to support a range of development projects, while ensuring sustainability through improved local capacity.
  • Fund management: Due diligence, financial management, mentoring and training, organisational design, and monitoring – Montrose provides technical, financial, and risk management services to deliver client support to civil society organisations in a responsible and enabling manner.