Institutional Strengthening

Many of the development solutions requested by our clients stem in part from a specific or pervasive institutional weakness – it may be that a poor health system is contributing to avoidable maternal deaths; it could be that the lack of effective ministry capacity has resulted in untrained, under supported and unpaid or absentee civil servants, teachers, or doctors.

As part of our context appropriate solutions, a number of our projects look not only at the immediate development challenge (for instance poor literacy levels in a rural area, or high levels of malaria within extractive industry workers), but at the broader systems issue. As a result, we have supported sustainable institutional strengthening across a range of public and private sector stakeholders. Examples of the services that we provide include:

  • Bespoke capacity development programmes ranging from organisational staff training on HSSE, to ministry workers training on health data monitoring
  • Systems review to identify and address weaknesses between the stakeholder’s goal and the existing system
  • One to one support to national and sub-national ministries around planning, supervision, organisational design, etc.
  • Health and education management information systems – training, tools and process set-up, supervision, and interventions to increase the use of information for action