Social Investment Feasibility Study (2015)

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Private sector client

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Project Duration

5 months

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  • Montrose was contracted to conduct a Social Investment Feasibility Study which assessed the current socio-economic environment in Myanmar.
  • The client required a feasibility study to be undertaken to assess the socio-economic environment in Rakhine State, Myanmar.
  • The purpose of the study was to validate the client’s social investment (SI) concepts and inform the design of a conflict-sensitive and inclusive, as well as socially and economically relevant social investment programme.


  • A Montrose team of international and national experts conducted extensive desk research and field work in Myanmar.
  • Montrose sought to achieve the client’s objectives as follows:
    • Identify and prioritise the extent of possible local development needs.
    • Identify and scope out potential SI interventions.
    • Outline key risks and sensitivities for conducting SI in the client’s area of interest.
    • Identify the main elements (risk mitigation measures) of an overarching, inclusive, non-discriminatory, “do-no-harm” social investment strategy.
    • Provide SI-relevant socio-economic baseline information, building upon existing socio-economic baseline understanding.
    • Test the client’s preliminary approach to social investment in Rakhine State.


  • The study provided recommendations on types of social investments and led to the implementation of the client’s social investment programme.