School-based In-service Teacher Education (2015-2016)

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  • Evaluation of the School-based In-service Teacher Education (SITE) pilot programme sought to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and likely sustainability of SITE pilot activities.
  • SITE focuses on teacher performance and student learning outcomes, using in-service training to strengthen classroom teachers, promote changes in classroom practices, and thus improve learning.
  • The call for evaluation was in response to a midterm review, carried out in 2014, which recommended that Quality Basic Education Programme (QBEP) should review its monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management strategy.


  • Montrose was contracted to undertake an independent final performance evaluation of SITE.
  • The objectives were to provide:
    • An assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of activities; a summative evaluation of results.
    • An assessment of which elements of SITE should be replicated in the future.
    • A comparison of the SITE model against other national and regional in-service teacher training modules that, where possible, target trained and untrained teachers from state, monastic and non-state schools.


  • Montrose’s evaluation identified positive findings and made recommendations for improvement.
  • Areas of effectiveness we highlighted included:
    • The strength of the peer-to-peer assessment and cluster group meetings.
    • The ease with which SITE can be introduced into schools and picked up by teachers.
    • Widespread support for SITE at all levels.
  • Recommendations included:
    • A more rigorous approach to M&E.
    • To undertake a rigorous teacher training needs analysis to identify gaps in training materials.
    • Reorganisation of materials into smaller units.
  • The SITE performance evaluation final report can be found here: