Playing Sports Together in Rakhine State (2020)

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6 months

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  • Rakhine is one of the poorest states in Myanmar, experiencing conflict, insecurity, and displacement.
  • Education in Rakhine trails behind much of the country, with up to 36% of children not in school.
  • Primary schools suffer from a lack of resources, teachers and safe buildings.
  • Exclusion from school denies a fair chance of reaching their potential and fuels the cycle of poverty, disadvantage and conflict.
  • Segregation between communities remains a challenge, yet there is realistic optimism that mutual trust and respect can grow as teachers and parents work to improve school environments.


  • UNICEF, with UK government aid funding, is supporting the Learning Together initiative.
  • Myanmar‘s government has included Physical Education in the basic education curriculum and recognises that PE teaches children about healthy and active lifestyles, self confidence, respect, leadership, teamwork, and cooperation.
  • Sports activities can also cut across socio-economic, political and cultural boundaries.
  • Montrose will develop a context-specific module for the curriculum, along with textbooks and teacher training to promote playing sports together in targeted areas of Rakhine state.


  • The curriculum developed by Montrose will teach and promote the benefits of sports activities, plus health and safety and how to care for equipment.
  • Activities will be culture, gender and disability sensitive, promoting inclusion and peace across and within communities.
  • Montrose will work in consultation with relevant stakeholders to ensure a contextually appropriate curriculum which considers different grade levels, backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures.
  • A teacher training workshop will be organised for township education officers, headteachers and partners to cascade the training to school level.