Manaung Social Investment Programme (2016-2018)

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3 years

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  • The Manaung Pilot Investment Programme (MPIP) set out to improve the livelihoods and market linkages of base-level producers in one of the most deprived and isolated areas of Myanmar.
  • The aim was to increase farmers’ income through improved production and irrigation practices in the copra and groundnut value chains.


  • Montrose supported beneficiaries in nine villages across the island to:
    • Improve production practices for coconut and groundnut value chains.
    • Improve irrigation practices and market linkages.
    • Build the ability of local farmers, producers, and government extension workers to improve their industries through more sustainable and climate-resilient practices and training.


  • A total of over 460 farmers received training in fertiliser production, seed storage, soil preparation, planting techniques, and irrigation.
  • Farmer Associations were established: 90% of farmers reported benefits including shared agricultural practice and access to market information.
  • Shelling machines and pumping equipment were distributed.
  • Average price of one basket of groundnut increased by 30%.
  • Farmers reported increased yield and reduced seed input as the most useful benefits of their training.
  • Safer and more efficient copra drying technologies were introduced.
  • The programme introduced copra producers to new buyers.
  • Two-thirds of producers sold to new buyers.