ESIA for Solar Power Mini-Grid Project (2019)

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Infra Capital Myanmar ReEx

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Project Duration

1 year

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  • Kha Laing Village, in Magway Region, has 291 households and a population of around 1,200.
  • Villagers are farmers and traders of crops and livestock.
  • Houses in Kha Laing use small solar power systems.
  • Some properties make use of a village diesel generator, but supply is erratic.
  • The client has an established relationship with the village and has confirmed land Tenure.
  • Limited biodiversity concern due to small project footprint, current disturbed condition of land, and no potential for habitat destruction.
  • No Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure is required due to the size and scope of the project.


  • Montrose experts visited the project site to:
    • Discuss proposed operations and potential solar expansion with key in-country personnel.
    • Understand baseline conditions, biodiversity, agriculture and use of natural resources
    • Conduct rapid biodiversity surveys and gather information to inform progress and make recommendations.
    • Develop species lists and highlight concerns.
  • A mini-grid consisting of solar photovoltaic modules, batteries and control devices will be installed in a 1,200sq m area.
  • An Environmental and Social Management Plan will guide construction and operational activities.


  • Montrose’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) identified and assessed the potential impacts of the project.
  • Montrose proposed environmental control plans, promoting sustainable development and high levels of environmental and social awareness.
  • The ESIA made recommendations on legal implications, risk management, and mitigation.
  • Electrification of the village will be ‘life-changing’ for many villagers and enhance the quality of life.
  • The project will provide reliable power to all households and small businesses.
  • The grid will also serve public facilities such as the school, streetlights and telecoms towers.