Development of an Interactive Malaria Control Website (2014)

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Malaria Consortium

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1 year

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  • It is increasingly recognised that private sector investment, especially by the extractive industry, infrastructure projects and agri-business in malarious areas can have negative as well as positive impacts on malaria control.
  • Where these impacts are negative, impact mitigation measures can be put in place. Likewise, positive impacts can also be achieved through employee protection programmes as well as malaria control programmes in surrounding communities.
  • While there was a range of malaria control resources available for EHS and social performance managers, there was not an up-to-date single point of information and guidance.


  • Montrose was ¬†contracted by Malaria Consortium to develop an interactive website and accompanying practical manual on malaria control targeted at major corporations operating in malarious areas in Asia-Pacific.
  • The target audiences for the website were site level and corporate EHS and social performance managers of major corporations principally engaged in mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and construction, and agri-business.


  • Montrose designed an innovative web-based malaria toolkit that provides advice on malaria control to the private sector.
  • The website can be seen here.