What We Do

Montrose focuses on maximising quality, impact, value for money and responsiveness while minimising risk in all our social performance and development programmes for private and public sector clients.

We believe that efficient social performance for the private sector must address corporate needs of maximising benefit while minimising risks. We help private sector clients to realise the win-win scenario of corporate benefit and local impact. Similarly, our work with development agencies is driven by technical quality, local knowledge, impact and value for money.

Montrose’s four guiding principles
  1. Client-focused bespoke service
  2. Deep local and contextual knowledge
  3. Technical rigour and quality assurance
  4. Value for money

Montrose guarantees a bespoke social performance and development consultancy service in each setting in which we work – an approach that combines international quality standards and leading global ideas with deep local and cultural context knowledge, understanding and craft.  We do not believe in ‘copy and paste’ solutions from one country or region to another, but instead create tailored and innovative programmes that fit our clients’ needs and are appropriate to the specific contexts in which they operate.

Our offices are embedded in countries where we work in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe, and our team is comprised of leading technical experts in social impact programming, health, education and enterprise complemented by programme delivery experts who have a wealth and breadth of experience living and working in challenging developing world contexts.  We believe that this is the key to achieving maximum benefits and minimising risks in social performance and development programme design and delivery, for both our private and public sector clients.