Our Team

Vicente Nze Nguema Nchama

Entrepreneurship Officer

Vicente Nze Nguema Nchama is an Entrepreneurship Officer for the ProEmpresa project in Equatorial Guinea. He has four years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development.

He oversees the development of entrepreneurship activities and supports the planning, design and implementation of programmes in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. He provides training in entrepreneurship, business and personal development.

Prior to joining Montrose, Vicente worked at the MULSEN multiservice as an assistant, cashier and customer service. He also worked with Imagesa maritime transport company, responsible for maritime transport of vehicles, contact and customer service.

Vicente has a Bachelor of Humanities (specialising in International Cooperation) from the National University of Equatorial Guinea, and a Middle Technician in Business Administration and Management from the Salesian Professional Training Centre of Bata. Vicente has been a teacher since 2010, teaching at institutes and vocational training centres.