Our Team

Martin Prew

Education Specialist

Martin Prew is an education specialist with expertise in school and education system management and governance, curriculum and teacher development, and institutional and district development. He has nearly 40 years of experience in education having played a leading role in the education management and operational development fields in civil society, government and in the academic world, both in South Africa and internationally.

He worked in the education sector in Zimbabwe for 10 years as a teacher and senior lecturer. In those roles he fed into the curriculum development and examination processes and wrote a number of history textbooks. He is a visiting fellow at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, as well as being a reviewer for a UK-based international academic education journal.

Over the last 30 years he has presented academic, research and practice related papers at many academic and professional conferences. He has considerable experience from being a senior manager in the South African Department of Education in developing national policy and in translating policy into programmes and in large-scale delivery across a range of areas, including district and school leadership and governance development initiatives, ECD and school safety.

He has led teams of staff in various African countries, including Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and South Sudan in rapidly changing, politicised and post-conflict environments. In these roles he has engaged with various donors including UNICEF (South Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda, South Sudan, and Eritrea), DFID (Ghana, South Sudan), USAID (Rwanda), the EU (South Africa, Uganda), the Netherlands Embassy (Uganda), Save the Children (South Sudan) and World Bank (Uganda), as well as many private companies, funding agencies and trusts. Mr Prew has a PhD in Education from Exeter University and an MA in Education and Development from the Institute of Education, London University.