Our Team

Marcelino Ndong Esono Eyenga

Agriculture Officer

Marcelino Ndong Esono Eyenga is an Agriculture Officer for the ProEmpresa project in Equatorial Guinea. He has six years of work experience with NGOs.

Marcelino is responsible for the marketing of agricultural products of the ProEmpresa supported farmers. He also oversees the value chain activities of the project including database inputs from the farmers, buyers, and produce. He is responsible for liaising project registered farmers with buyers. Marcelino also provides training and communication support through translation of farmer training into the Fang dialect.

Marcelino has a Forest Exploitation Technician Diploma and several professional certificates. He is the president and founder of an NGO for environmental protection and tourism promotion, supporting the subcommittee to fight the spread of Covid-19. He is also a member of an environmental organisation encompassing 10 countries in the subregion of the Congo Basin.