Our Team

Jose Esono Nze Eyenga

Agriculture Officer

Jose Esono Nze Eyenga is an Agriculture Officer for the ProEmpresa project in Equatorial Guinea. He has over three years of professional experience in farming, teaching, market research, monitoring of pests and diseases, preparation of biofertilisers and farm design.

Jose joined ProEmpresa as a trainee through the professional internship certificate programme run by the ECA education centre in Bata. He provides technical support and supervision of family gardens in the province of Centro Sur.

Prior to joining ProEmpresa, he was a teacher of Natural Science and Mathematics at the Madre Luis Monti private school. He also supported farmers of the COPLAMAGRE group in Bikom on implementation, design, management of crops, pest and disease monitoring, and market studies.

Jose has a Technician Certificate in Agricultural Operations and is studying Education Sciences at the National University of Equatorial Guinea. He is also the vice president of the Association of Young Fula Residents in Bata.