Our Team

Janice Moore

Founding Director

Janice Moore has over 16 years of experience in the development industry across Africa and Asia. She has substantial expertise in all aspects of project management, including design, start-up, implementation, client relationship management, consultant and personnel management, project closure and deliverable quality control, as well as technical expertise in multiple practice areas including gender.

During her time at Montrose, Janice has led the management of many of Montrose’s key contracts with both extractive industry and development agency clients and directed the global operations of the company, ensuring compliance, human resource capacity, accountability and effective administration. She has also provided extensive technical inputs in the design and implementation of projects.

Prior to Montrose, Janice held senior project management and technical advisory positions with a variety of donors, international NGOs and UN agencies including the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Care International, World University Service of Canada, UNICEF, UNDP and UNFPA, which has involved working with governments, multilateral organizations and civil society across Africa and Asia. She has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), and Uganda, undertaking numerous consultancies on gender and acting as Deputy Director of a CIDA-funded vocational training programme targeting underprivileged youth in conflict-affected areas during her five years in Sri Lanka.

Janice holds a Master’s degree in International Development with specialisation in Gender and Development from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada, and is fluent in English and French.