Our Team

Christy-Ann Grenier

Programme Director

Christy-Ann Grenier is Montrose’s Programme Director for the ProEmpresa project in Equatorial Guinea. She has over 10 years of work experience in Equatorial Guinea, and in international oil and gas industries.

She manages a dynamic and diverse international team and has successfully worked through change and crisis management, policies and procedures assurance and implementation, legal and government management, HSSE/EHS and compliance improvement and resolution in Equatorial Guinea.

Christy-Ann has managed country projects, programmes and personnel, and has also worked in community development, human resources, legal support, government relations, organisational and personnel development, career and success planning and finance support.

Prior to joining Montrose, Christy-Ann worked in various roles and departments in international oil and gas companies in Equatorial Guinea. She worked in upstream oil production support through production operations and finance, social investment programmes and community development projects, human resources, organisational and staff development in which she led learning and development programmes as well as personal succession and nationalisation.

Christy-Ann studied applied counselling, and is a certified training facilitator for business development of teams and leaders. She is a native English and Spanish speaker, is fluent in French, speaks the Fang dialect of Equatorial Guinea, and is studying Russian.