Our Team

Alpha Mohamed Jalloh

Intervention Mapping and Data Support

Alpha Mohamed Jalloh provides intervention mapping and data support for the DFID-funded Saving Lives in Sierra Leone (SLiSL) programme. He has over 10 years’ experience in coordinating and leading field research, data management and research capacity building. He provides inputs to development, analysis, reporting and dissemination.

Previously Alpha worked with NGOs, schools, the Medical Research Centre and the Centre for Studies of African Economies on the Justice Sector Survey in Sierra Leone project. He has also worked at Makeni University, and with the Government of Sierra Leone as a full-time employee and consultant.  Alpha has contributed to several research grants in Sierra Leone such as the Public Private Partnership Health (knowledge system strengthening component), maternal and newborn health in resource-poor communities and health system settings. He has also worked on social accountability projects including development of a social marketing strategy to promote Ebola treatment-seeking behaviour.

He has presented on several health and social issues such as the use of traditional birth attendants, Ebola, the realities of teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone, and also participated in South Africa on social policies to address the challenges of poverty inequality and unemployment.

Alpha has a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Njala University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Governance. Alpha is fluent speaker of Fula, Temne and Krio.