UNICEF ESARO Evaluation LTA (2019-2021)

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2 years + 1 year extension option

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  • UNICEF develops and supports programmes which aim to facilitate the achievement of child- related goals and address priority problems impacting the rights of women and children.
  • The objective of this LTA is to conduct country programme evaluations, multi-country and country-specific evaluations, each lasting between five and eight months.
  • Country programme evaluations focus on information needed for strategic decision-making and improving overall country programme performance.
  • Multi-country or regional thematic and programme evaluations are conducted to meet UNICEF’s learning and accountability needs.
  • Countries include those in conflict, fragility and increased frequency of national disasters.


  • Montrose offers highly experienced senior evaluators and evaluation specialists in addition to a pool of over 200 global, regional and national level associate evaluation experts.
  • Our evaluations are designed around UNEG standards and are designed to fulfil the OECD criteria of responsiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability.
  • Montrose has extensive experience of evaluation projects in the ESARO region. Our approach focuses on local technical design and selection of appropriate methods.
  • We use the latest innovations in evaluation methods and data collection tools.


  • Montrose evaluations will give UNICEF an in-depth understanding of a project, which can be used to improve current project implementation.
  • Our approach will maximise learning by setting out a priority list of learning opportunities at the start of each contract.
  • Our evaluations will support UNICEF’s work to save children’s lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfil their potential.