The ‘Malcon’ Project (2011-2012)

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Private sector client

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1 year

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Value of Montrose Component



  • Malaria was a major cause of illness and absenteeism among our private sector client’s workforce.
  • Different approaches to malaria control were being used at different sites.
  • There was a need for consistency of interventions and application of best practices across the company.


  • Montrose provided technical support on malaria surveillance and control for the client, a mining company operating in multiple locations.
  • Montrose carried out detailed “inside” and “outside the fence” malaria epidemiological and entomological assessments at all of the company’s sites in Papua New Guinea (four), Indonesia and Cote d’Ivoire.


  • Each assessment included clear recommendations and a related work schedule with resourcing requirements. Subsequent training in entomology and vector control was provided as well as remote 24/7 technical support.
  • At corporate level, Montrose reviewed and made recommendations on the updating of the Group Hazard Control documents and developed a Malaria Control Policy and Malaria Guidelines. Standard Operating Procedures for vector control and case management were produced.
  • In addition, a cross-site corporate malaria surveillance system and malaria health education materials were developed.
  • A desk review of malaria and dengue risk in Fiji for our client’s future operations was conducted, and a corporate strategic plan on malaria control was produced to guide the company’s future malaria control efforts.