South Sudan Textbook Evaluation (2013-2016)

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3 years

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  • There was a critical need for textbooks to support and enhance the teaching and learning process in South Sudan.
  • Only 16% of teachers had a teaching qualification and the workforce was mainly non-English speaking, despite English being the main medium of instruction.
  • Most schools had never received any textbooks.
  • Those that existed were often outdated and not reflective of the revised curriculum following the formation of the new nation.
  • The average life of a textbook in South Sudan’s harsh climate was estimated at a maximum of three years, as those that existed deteriorated quickly.


  • Montrose was contracted to evaluate the textbook distribution process across six of South Sudan’s 10 former states.
  • We evaluated the impacts on access, equity and retention of learning.
  • Indicators assessed included
    • Changes in enrolment.
    • Attendance and drop out.
    • Changes in learning outcomes.
    • Gender differences.
    • Variations between populations.
    • Efficiency of their use in classrooms.
    • Capacity of teachers to use the textbooks.
    • Ease of use by students.
    • Progress made towards the development of a national textbook strategy.


  • Schools received over 7.5 million textbooks and 350,000 graded readers: 84% of delivery target.
  • Effective school storage was provided in 60% of schools and in 70% of county offices.
  • A National Learning and Teaching Materials policy was finalised and presented at the launch of the first ever National South Sudan Education Curriculum in September 2015.
  • Despite conflict and transport logistics the project was delivered £500,000 under budget.
  • Savings were used to provide additional supplies in counties where materials were lost as a result of conflict (e.g. an additional 318,300 graded readers).
  • Books managed, stored and used correctly were predicted to achieve a five-year lifespan.