South Sudan Health Pooled Fund (2011-2023)

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13 years

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  • Following decades of civil war, South Sudan gained independence in 2011 and began to re-establish its national health system.
  • Maternal and child health indicators remain among the lowest in the world.
  • Capacity at both ministry and service delivery levels is low; systems are weak and affected by an unpredictability of resources, medical supplies, and personnel.
  • Population movement is high and the average citizen’s livelihood security is disrupted by conflict, a harsh natural environment, and poor infrastructure and support systems.


  • The Health Pooled Fund, the largest provider of basic health services in South Sudan, aims to reduce child and maternal deaths and strengthen the health system, working with all levels of government to provide technical training, mentoring and supervision.
  • Montrose supports a multi-donor fund to improve the quality of health care and hospital referral services in eight out of South Sudan’s 10 former states
  • Montrose provides:
    • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme’s activities and impact.
    • Delivery of services in family planning, nutrition and quality of care.
    • Systems and strategies for effective knowledge management and communications.


  • Montrose has worked with the Ministry of Health and its delivery team at state level to:
    • Enhance reporting systems.
    • Respond to health data.
    • Identify and deliver against measurable performance targets.
    • Improve coordination across service providers ensuring a unified focus at state level.
  • Training for health providers has reduced maternal and newborn deaths.
  • The number of skilled birth attendants overseeing deliveries has increased.
  • Immunisation figures and ante-natal care have improved.