Review of Malaria Control at Multiple Sites in Mozambique (2012)

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Private sector client

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2 months

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  • Mozambique has high levels of malaria transmission and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among the general population. For our client, malaria was the leading cause of lost work days among their local employees.
  • Malaria control interventions were in place at each of the work sites. However, these had never been previously audited to ensure they were in line with best practice.


  • Montrose was contracted to carry out a rapid audit of our client’s malaria control programme at their work sites in Inhambane and Tete provinces. The audit included:
    • Reviewing the client’s malaria policies and guidelines.
    • Reviewing local interventions by the national malaria control programme and/or district health team.
    • Conducting a site risk assessment including types of accommodation, potential breeding sites and current preventive measures in place.
    • Identifying options for source reduction through environmental modification.
    • Reviewing local behaviours and practices related to malaria.
    • Reviewing vector control interventions including indoor residual spraying.
    • Reviewing the human resource capacity to support the malaria control programmes.
    • Reviewing case management and reporting.



  • Outputs of the work included:
    • An assessment of current malaria risks and control practices.
    • A malaria control and management programme framework.
    • A detailed road map for the development of the programme.