Rapid Health and Livelihoods Assessment (2009)

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Malaria Consortium

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2 months

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Value of Montrose Component



  • Following the end of Lord’s Resistance Army activities in Northern Uganda, international NGOs and development agencies wanted to move from humanitarian support to development support.
  • Montrose was requested by Malaria Consortium and DFID Uganda to map key potential intervention areas in health and livelihoods in communities in Northern Uganda as well as make recommendations for a programme design.


  • Montrose carried out research and field visits in Northern Uganda, holding interviews with key informants from the local government, NGOs and community leaders on access to health care and livelihoods.
  • The report highlighted intervention areas along with recommendations for programme design, and how the interventions would complement other aid modalities such as sector-wide and budget support that focused on broader health systems strengthening.


  • The paper was subsequently used as a background paper to inform a strategic dialogue among development agencies to develop a plan for direct support in Northern Uganda.