Provision of Environmental Consultancy Services (2012-2013)

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Private sector client

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Project Duration

1.5 years

Total Value


Value of Montrose Component



  • Montrose was contracted to provide environmental monitoring services for a major oil company conducting seismic studies and exploratory drilling in an ecologically sensitive area of western Uganda.
  • In order to ensure biodiversity in the area operations was not being adversely affected there was a need to monitor the environmental impact of the seismic activities


  • Montrose’s support during the 2D and 3D seismic campaigns centred on ensuring that the company’s mitigation hierarchy was practised before, during and immediately after seismic operations.
  • This included overseeing the company’s compliance team’s operations; coordinating relevant departments’ inputs to the mitigation process, as well as building the capacity and understanding of ecological precautions in relation to seismic activities within the company and its subcontractors.


  • In addition to providing monitoring service throughout the programme, Montrose was responsible for developing a broader Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for biodiversity and restoration activities in the wake of the seismic campaigns.