ProEmpresa Entrepreneurship Project (2016-2023)

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Project Location

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5 years

Total Value


Value of Montrose Component



  • Equatorial Guinea hosts a very small number of locally owned micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The economy is highly dependent on oil revenues and there is limited engagement by Equato-Guineans in other sectors of the economy.
  • Entrepreneurs face high costs relative to other countries in the region.
  • There is strong competition from foreign-owned companies and imported products in many sectors.


  • Montrose has been contracted to implement a five-year social investment programme focusing on developing base-level entrepreneurs.
  • The project focuses on identifying and upgrading value chains where there is or can be a high level of participation by Equato-Guineans.
  • We are providing training, mentoring and business development services and raising the profile of entrepreneurship in Equatorial Guinea.


  • Record pineapple sales, exceeding sales and revenue targets.
  • Harvest management techniques enable farmers to generate a more consistent monthly revenue.
  • Market Gardens element has increased volume and diversity of crops.
  • Agricultural equipment has been distributed to ensure farmers can implement better agricultural practices safely and efficiently.
  • Entrepreneurship Development element provides business training: students qualify for a Business Support Package.
  • Community Development team implemented rainwater harvesting and improved sanitation for schools.
  • Children receive de-worming and vitamin A supplementation.