Palm Oil ESIA and HCS Assessment (2017)

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Palm Oil ESIA and HCS Assessment (2017)

Project Location

Project Duration

2 years

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  • Natural Habitats is registered in Sierra Leone, and is part of Natural Habitats Group. The Group has a longstanding track record of producing organic agro-products in South America from where products are transported to Europe and the US.
  • The Natural Habitats Group is fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fairly traded products.
  • The Natural Habitats Sierra Leone project involved:
    • Palm oil nursery development with associated infrastructure.
    • Palm oil plantation development.
    • Palm oil mill installation and operation.


  • Montrose carried out an ESIA and HCS assessment and facilitated community consultation in support of Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil certification for a sustainable palm oil development adjacent to a national park in Sierra Leone.
  • The development faced unique issues related to endangered fauna within the concession, and Sierra Leone Government approval of the project was at loggerheads with traditional authorities and historic community forest resource usage, involving illegal logging and poaching.


  • Montrose assisted Natural Habitats to:
    • Understand the carbon stock present in the concession.
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Establish an agreement with local communities for protecting and conserving forest resources in the concession.