Ministerial Briefing Paper on Malaria Control and the Private Sector in Asia-Pacific (2012)

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  • There is a growing recognition of the role the private sector can play in malaria control and elimination in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • However, there is limited documentation on the private sector’s role and what the key areas of focus should be as Asia-Pacific countries moves towards malaria elimination.


  • Montrose was contracted by AusAID to produce a Ministerial Briefing Paper on the role of the private sector in eliminating malaria in Asia-Pacific. This paper was presented at ‘Malaria 2012: Saving Lives in the Asia-Pacific’ Conference.
  • The paper included a desk-based review and synthesis of the key aspects of private sector (including formal, informal, and broader non-state sector) involvement in malaria control and elimination and challenges and opportunities for engaging the private sector to achieve a 75 per cent reduction in malaria cases and deaths in Asia and the Pacific by 2015.
  • International examples and short case studies of innovation and good practice in the health sector, including from Asia and/or the Pacific regions and a summary of priority policy issues were also included.


  • Click here to access the paper.