Mining Symposium Information Management (2017)

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4 months

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  • The presence of over 50 different economic valuable minerals and the return to security in Karamoja, Uganda, offered big potential for the region to harness the extractive resources for sustainable and equitable human development in line with the Uganda Vision 2040 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • However, coordination and transparency in the mining sector in Karamoja was still limited. Thus, the mining symposium aimed to bring together key decision-makers and stakeholders from the region, including government, private sector and civil society to explore the area’s rich mineral potential and agree on how to best combine commercial success with sustainable and equitable local development.


  • Montrose led the symposium’s information management, including preparation of background briefs and the development of appropriate methodologies, as well as parts of the central government engagement in the symposium.
  • This included the drafting of session plans – outlining topics, guiding questions, potential inputs and speakers for the two-day symposium, as well as the drafting of corresponding background papers on the status quo of the private sector, public sector and civil society state of affairs relating to mining in Karamoja.
  • Montrose compiled the information based on stakeholder needs and interests and liaised with relevant parties to distribute information before and after the symposium.


  • Our leadership and oversight of information management allowed the symposium to run smoothly and provide delegates with sufficient information and documentation before, during and after the conference.