Mining Companies and Community Health in Papua New Guinea (2012-2013)

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1 year

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  • Mining companies have the potential to play a key role in extending health services to remote and marginalised populations in Papua New Guinea. However, there is a need to better understand the type and range of health services mining companies provide as well as how the interact with government at both national and local levels.
  • Montrose was contracted by AusAID under the HANSHEP Mining Health Initiative to carry out an in-depth study on health care delivery and mining companies in Papua New Guinea.


  • Montrose identified a range of good practices on how mining companies can extend health services to marginalised populations in Papua New Guinea.
  • The work comprised an extensive literature review followed by field work in Papua New Guinea both at central level (Port Moresby) as well as at site level (Lihir Island and North Fly District).
  • The central level work included a political economy analysis and review of governance arrangements and licencing agreements between the Government and mining companies operating in the country, highlighting key gaps in legislation and process.
  • In addition, Newcrest and Ok Tedi community health programmes were reviewed in terms of health impact, partnership approach and sustainability.