Malaria Control Programme Review (2012)

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Private sector client

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3 months

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  • Montrose was contracted by a major mining company to review its malaria control programme.
  • Our client’s area of operations was in an area of seasonal malaria transmission with malaria being a major cause of morbidity among the workforce.
  • The client’s workplace malaria control programme had been operational for several years and it was considered that an audit would be beneficial.


  • Montrose carried out a comprehensive audit of the client’s workplace malaria and vector control programmes in the Zambian Copperbelt at both work and residential sites. This included reviewing:
    • The standard operating procedures in the management of the vector control programme.
    • Indoor residual spraying practices in the field.
    • The choice, handling and application of insecticides for indoor residual spraying and larval control; and vector control equipment maintenance.
    • Entomological surveillance to determine the efficacy of the current programmes.
    • Training needs and specific skills of programme staff.
    • Management of waste water and general environmental and waste management practices.
    • Personal protection measures employed within the camps and to at risk groups.
    • Epidemiological surveillance.
    • Case management.
    • Behaviours of the different groups of high risk employees.


  • Montrose’s audit included the development of a clear set of recommendations and a detailed action plan.