Malaria Awareness, Prevention and Treatment Kits (2009-2010)

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Private sector client

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Project Duration

4 months

Total Value


Value of Montrose Component



  • Montrose supported a major oil company to review and implement its organisational malaria policy.
  • Our client often operates in malaria endemic areas which can have significant impact, both human and financial, on the company’s operations.
  • To this end, it is important for employees to be fully aware of malaria in terms of transmission, prevention and treatment.


  • Montrose reviewed the company’s corporate malaria policy and designed malaria prevention and treatment briefing packs for employees.
  • Montrose then introduced the briefing packs through expert presentations and demonstrations to our client’s employees in a variety of locations across Africa and Europe.


  • Additionally, Montrose designed and provided individual prevention and treatment kits for staff based in Uganda. These comprised long-lasting insecticidal nets, malaria rapid diagnostic tests and artemisinin-based combination accompanied with a guide on malaria awareness, prevention and treatment.