Global LTA for Technical Education Services (2020-2023)

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3 years (1+1 year extension option)

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  • The UNICEF Strategic Plan, ‘Every Child Learns’, aims to ensure that all children, particularly the most vulnerable, are offered inclusive and equitable quality education and learning opportunities from early childhood to adolescence.
  • To contribute to these outcomes, UNICEF has pledged to i) increase and sustain gender-equitable access to quality education from early childhood to adolescence, including minorities and children with disabilities, ii) increase gender-equitable learning outcomes for girls and boys and iii) increase access to skills for learning, personal empowerment, active citizenship and employability.


  • UNICEF has contracted Montrose as a preferred supplier of high-quality technical services and capacity support and to provide responsive and rapid support.
  • Montrose has been selected to provide services in four service areas: capacity building, education research, education evaluation, and content, pedagogy and assessment.
  • Montrose will ensure a cost-effective and efficient service through its extensive network of credible and respected education experts who will provide technical assistance, advice, capacity building or support services to UNICEF projects as requested.


  • In the technical capacity building workstream, Montrose will develop and deliver education training packages and modules.
  • In content, pedagogy and assessment, Montrose will develop teaching and learning materials with a focus on quality learning and skills development.
  • In education research, Montrose will design, implement and disseminate results of studies and surveys using a range of research methodologies and data collection techniques.
  • In education evaluation, Montrose will evaluate programmes and capacity building activities, and develop tools to improve education evaluations.