Evaluation of GEMS Teacher Training Initiative (2013-2014)

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Varkey GEMS Foundation

Project Location

Project Duration

8 months

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Value of Montrose Component



  • Montrose conducted an independent evaluation of a pilot student-centred teacher training programme implemented in resource-poor schools in Uganda.
  • Public schools in Uganda are typified by a teacher-centred pedagogy. In its pilot phase, VGF’s teacher training approach advances student-centred learning in public schools through workshop and school-based support in order to enable trained teachers implement the programme in their schools and to cascade it to their untrained colleagues.
  • The target schools are poorly resourced with limited access to adequate teaching and learning materials and facilities, overcrowded classrooms, and a high teacher to pupil ratio.
  • The low-cost programme thus focuses on how to achieve student-centred learning in large classes in schools with limited access to technology and resources.


  • The evaluation involved:
    • Observation and assessment of a five-day training workshop.
    • Baseline data collection in 10 schools that had not received the training which involved lesson observations, teacher and pupil interviews.
    • Data collection in 10 schools that had received the training following the same format as the baseline.
  • This enabled Montrose to:
    • Analyse the strategy and methodology used in the training.
    • Assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the project.
    • Analyse teacher advocacy.
    • Evaluate how effectively the programme meets its objectives.
    • Diagnose which factors contribute to successful or unsuccessful outcomes.
    • Provide practical recommendations and guidance for improvement.


  • Montrose submitted two reports to the client, one assessing the training methods and materials and the other assessing the impact of the evaluation on the teaching methods of 10 schools.
  • It was intended that the model, if assessed as having impact in the participating schools, would be rolled out in Uganda and a number of other African countries.