Education Baseline Study in PNG (2016)

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Private sector client

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Project Duration

1 year

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  • The client required a baseline study to be undertaken to assess the quality of community education in its Coastal Area of Benefit (CAB) in New Ireland Province.
  • The purpose of the study was to determine areas for future education Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) investments.


  • Montrose conducted an education baseline study which involved a comprehensive gap analysis of the local education system.
  • A Montrose team of senior education researchers, international project managers, and research consultants carried out the baseline study including a comprehensive gap analysis.


  • The following work was completed:
    • Desk review of all existing information and data on the education policies and strategic plans in the CAB.
    • An audit of all elementary and primary schools in the CAB, ascertaining the quantity and quality of school related infrastructure and facilities.
    • Gap analysis of education facilities and infrastructure, teacher housing, teacher training and support, and teaching materials and supply chains within the CAB.
    • Stakeholder and community interviews and focus group discussions to ascertain attitudes toward quality of education facilities and barriers to children going to school.
    • An outline design for the client’s future education CSR investments.
    • A Baseline Report, covering all findings above, including presentation of analysis and recommendations to the client.