Early Grade Reading & Maths Assessments (2021)

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  • Learning outcomes in Sierra Leonean primary schools are poor, which has far reaching implications throughout the education system and society.
  • Early grade reading assessments conducted in Sierra Leone in 2014 showed that few primary students have the basic reading skills needed for academic and life success.
  • The majority of grade 2 children scored zero on key reading skills and lack skills in simple mathematics.
  • The Government has placed strong emphasis on reading in the first three years of primary school and strong foundations for early learning through training of early grade teachers in reading and mathematics.


  • Montrose has been contracted to conduct a baseline assessment prior to the implementation of in-service teacher training.
  • The assessment will measure and document the state of literacy and numeracy skills among children in primary grades 2 and 4. The study will establish baseline values for programme indicators and build systems for measuring and monitoring the programme’s outcome and output results.
  • Experts from Montrose will visit schools, assess children, observe teaching and conduct interviews with head teachers.


  • The baseline study will inform strategies and activities under the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) programme, focusing on improving early grade reading and mathematics.
  • The study will identify difficulties children face in learning to read and solve maths problems, including factors such as the curriculum, teachers’ professional knowledge, teaching methodologies, and classroom practices.
  • The assessment will also capture information related to children’s home contexts.