Design of Scholarship Programme (2012)

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Private sector client

Project Location

Project Duration

3 months

Total Value


Value of Montrose Component



  • Following a needs assessment conducted by Montrose in August 2011 for the purpose of identifying options for a social investment programme that would show the client’s commitment to supporting the coastal communities in which it works, Montrose was contracted to design a scholarship programme that would support ‘bright but needy’ scholars in the client’s area of influence.


  • Montrose designed a fully costed scholarship programme for the client that recommended:
    • Selection mechanisms to ensure genuinely needy students are selected for the programme.
    • Stakeholder consultation for buy-in on the programme. This included communities, district education teams, local government, participating secondary schools and other institutions.
    • An assessment of secondary schools as well as vocational and health worker training institutions that would participate in the programme.
    • Costing and coverage of the scholarships: tuition, boarding, subsistence, ancillary supplies among others.
    • Creating a staggered scholarship program. This allows the client to know, at any point in time, how much additional investment is required for existing scholars to complete their education so that an exit strategy can be planned properly.
    • A system for monitoring and reporting of students’ performance to the client.
    • Branding of programme according to the client’s needs.
    • A variety of management options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
    • Options for scaling up the programme.