Design of a Vocational Training Funding Mechanism for the Oil Sector (2012)

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4 months

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  • The discovery of oil raises expectations of employment opportunities during the development phase.
  • In Uganda, there was a lack of qualified people to perform mid-level functions for the nascent oil industry.
  • There was a willingness among development partners and oil and gas companies to invest in vocational training and skills development. However, the means of doing this was unclear.


  • Montrose was contracted to scope and design a new joint funding arrangement that would respond to both the short-term need for vocational training in the oil sector as well as the medium- and long-term requirement to build vocational training capacity among Ugandan training institutions.
  • A comprehensive review of similar initiatives and of the current vocational training environment in Uganda, including capacity, new initiatives and the selection of potential partner institutions was carried out.
  • This was followed by extensive stakeholder consultations with potential development agency and oil industry partners to discuss funding and management arrangements and their willingness to participate in a proposed basket fund.


  • Consultation and review conducted by Montrose culminated in the design of a funding model for the development of vocational skills training of the oil sector in Uganda and brokering of partnerships for the proposed fund, including contribution determination.
  • Montrose scoped and designed a vocational training fund addressing the needs and priorities of the private sector, government and development agencies.