Cost-effective Analysis of Lao Education Sector (2021)

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8 months

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  • Lao PDR has made good progress in expanding access to education, with enrolment in primary school now almost universal.
  • To graduate from ‘least developed country’ status by 2024, Lao recognises the need for increased and sustained investment in education.
  • However, Lao spends less on education than most countries, and quality-adjusted learning measures show children complete the equivalent of only 6.4 years in education.
  • There is a need to ensure effective use of limited available education funds to provide equitable and sustainable results for children.


  • Montrose has designed a cost-effective analysis which will identify which policies, strategies and interventions maximise outcomes for any given cost or produce an outcome for the lowest cost.
  • We will provide the Ministry of Education and Sports with evidence on the cost-effectiveness of specific education interventions on student attendance, retention and learning outcomes.
  • By drawing on existing analyses of budget allocation and expenditure across the education system, and taking account of the country context, Montrose will present the most relevant and cost-effective education interventions.


  • Analysis conducted by Montrose can be used as evidence for greater and better public investment in children, and inform programme development reform and education policy.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of education expenditure may in time help the Ministry of Education advocate for increases in Lao’s education budget.
  • A comparison of selected interventions will help inform education policy and investment decisions focusing on providing the best value for money.
  • Montrose will also embed tools into UNICEF programmes for future cost-effective analyses.