Consultancy to Design a Medical Emergency Response Plan (2012)

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Private sector client

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Project Duration

4 months

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  • Montrose researched and drafted a Medical Emergency Response Plan for a private sector client in Equatorial Guinea.
  • The accessibility to quality health services in Equatorial Guinea is unreliable and therefore an emergency response plan is vital for private sector clients operating in this environment to ensure that there are medically sound, effective and practical policies and procedures in place in the event of a medical emergency.


  • Montrose drafted a set of medical emergency response policies and procedures for a private sector client’s personnel in Equatorial Guinea through desk-based and field research conducted by medical experts.
  • The Response Plan included a situation assessment of existing health facilities in terms of diagnosis and triage, stabilisation, secondary and tertiary care, health knowledge and capability of personnel, transport options to medical facilities and airport in case of evacuation.


  • The Medical Emergency Response Plan provided recommendations for how to reduce risk of medical emergencies through provision of essential and life-saving medical equipment, supplies and training.
  • The Response Plan detailed response options, response times, medical evacuation points and recommended steps in case of severe medical emergencies.
  • Prevention and treatment procedures were detailed for key risks related to the operating environment including malaria (complicated and uncomplicated), infectious diseases, snake bites and road traffic accidents.