Base-level Entrepreneurship Scoping Study (2015)

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5 months

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  • The dominance of oil and gas in Equatorial Guinea has slowed the emergence of non-hydrocarbon sectors of the economy as well as the development of micro and small/medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which are considered to make only a small contribution to the Equatorial Guinea economy.
  • The client required a scoping study to be undertaken for a future social investment programme focusing on base-level entrepreneurship in Equatorial Guinea.


  • Montrose carried out a detailed base-level entrepreneurship scoping study to guide the direction of a future social investment programme. A Montrose team of international and national experts undertook extensive desk research and field work to conduct the scoping study.
  • The first phase of the study consisted of carrying out a sub-sector selection across the mainland of Equatorial Guinea. Sub-sectors were selected based on their potential for growth and/or accessibility to base-level entrepreneurs, their potential to reach a significant number of individuals and households and political feasibility.
  • The team analysed the sub-sectors and the broader market system using a rapid value chain analysis and presented the findings to the client.
  • Montrose also assessed potential project locations for the future social investment programme and carried out an initial assessment of potential partners.


  • Montrose developed a high level design for the future social investment programme and supported the client to achieve buy-in from key government stakeholders.