National early grade reading and mathematics study launched in Sierra Leone

Montrose is delighted to have been part of the official launch of Sierra Leone’s National Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Assessment (EGRA/EGMA) study. The Hon. David Moinina Sengeh, Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), launched the study with support from UNICEF Sierra Leone.

Montrose conducted this baseline assessment to provide the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) with indicators for assessing and monitoring literacy and numeracy learning outcomes. Using the EGRA/EGMA tool, the study measured children’s developmental reading and mathematics skills and gathered information on factors that affect children’s ability to learn in schools, classrooms and homes.

“This report brings important insight into the challenges on early grade learning in Sierra Leone,” said Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer of GPE.

For the first time in seven years, this study has provided Sierra Leone with an up-to-date set of learning outcomes that showcases MBSSE efforts over the past years while offering key development benchmarks for GPE. The study has also informed on-going teacher training work conducted by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) and Global Education Dashboard data for Sierra Leone.

We congratulate the Government of Sierra Leone, MBSSE and UNICEF Sierra Leone on this great accomplishment.

For more information please see UNICEF’s press release, the project profile or contact the Montrose Africa Office.

Note: The Global Education Dashboard is a World Bank initiative designed to measure the drivers of learning outcomes in basic education around the world.