Montrose celebrates achievement of countries eliminating disease on World Malaria Day

This Sunday, 25 April, is World Malaria Day. This year, Montrose joins the World Health Organisation in celebrating the achievements of countries that have eliminated and significantly reduced cases of this deadly disease, improving the health and livelihoods of their populations.

Eliminating malaria is deeply entrenched in the foundations of Montrose – since the company’s formation in 2009 our health experts have worked across Africa and the Asia-Pacific region to increase and improve knowledge, prevention measures, treatment regimens, health facilities, policies and management of malaria control procedures.

Our work has had positive impacts on health, working conditions, availability of drugs, test kits, insecticides and nets, and capacity within local communities to manage control mechanisms.

Montrose has conducted assessments, reviews and technical assistance projects with bilateral aid agencies and the private sector, in Uganda, , Nigeria, GhanaTanzania, South AfricaZambia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Malawi, , Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Fiji and Indonesia.

In Nigeria, Montrose was contracted to oversee the commercial sector component of the Support to National Malaria programme (SuNMaP), and apply a Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) between 2010 and 2015. Interventions included development of commercial engagement strategies to develop markets for long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), supply of test kits and treatments, and training of ‘market support officers’ to apply M4P approaches. A cumulative total of 2.2 million nets were sold through the commercial sector. In 2014, the Standardised Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions survey found that households with at least one LLIN increased from 8% to 53% and children under five sleeping under LLINs increased from 6% to 25%. #ProjectProfile #Nigeria #Health

In the company’s first year – 2009 – Montrose was contracted to review the LLIN situation in Tanzania, to assess DFID’s support of the under-five net programme, to develop a draft project memorandum, and to design DFID’s contribution to the LLIN campaign. We presented the client with an assessment of the likely benefits of the programme, in terms of how many malaria cases and deaths could be averted. #ProjectProfile #Tanzania #Health

In the Asia-Pacific region, Montrose was contracted by Malaria Consortium to develop an interactive website and accompanying practical manual on malaria control, targeted at major corporations operating in Indonesia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. The target audiences for the website were on-site health and safety managers and social performance managers of major corporations within various sectors. Montrose designed an innovative web-based malaria toolkit that provides advice on malaria control. The website can be seen here. #ProjectProfile #Papua New Guinea #Myanmar #Indonesia #Health

Montrose was contracted by AusAID in 2012 to produce a Ministerial Briefing Paper on the role of the private sector in eliminating malaria in Asia-Pacific. The paper was presented at the ‘Malaria 2012: Saving Lives in the Asia-Pacific’ conference. The paper included a desk-based review and synthesis of the key aspects of private sector involvement in malaria control and elimination, and challenges and opportunities for engaging the private sector to achieve a 75 per cent reduction in malaria cases and deaths in Asia-Pacific by 2015. International examples and short case studies of innovation and good practice in the health sector were included. #ProjectProfile #Health

Additionally, Montrose has designed and reviewed malaria control and treatment practices for multiple private sector clients in Africa and Asia-Pacific.

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