International Mother Language Day: Montrose supports multilingualism for inclusion in education

Sunday 21 February is International Mother Language Day, which recognises how languages and multilingualism can advance inclusion in education.

Montrose has long supported mother-tongue education initiatives in Africa and Asia, and is committed to increasing awareness of the vital role that languages play in ensuring cultural diversity, strengthening co-operation and attaining quality education for all. Here’s a brief tour of our recent work in multilingual education!

In 2017, we assessed levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy among early grade learners in South Sudan as part of the Education in Emergencies Programme, translating the materials into five national languages – Zande, Dinka, Toposa, Nuer and Bari.

In 2016, Montrose supported the USAID-funded Room to Learn programme, which was designed to expand inclusive education opportunities and promote social cohesion in South Sudan. Montrose was contracted by USAID to adapt an English Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) into Toposa and Bari languages, as well as develop teaching and learning materials. We ran translation workshops, trained assessors to administer the Toposa and Bari tools, and formulated literacy benchmarks in the two languages. Assessment tools in Dinka and Nuer were subsequently developed to promote a national literacy baseline and improve literacy across ethnic groups.

This year, Montrose was contracted by FCDO to conduct an assessment of the Government of Ghana’s adapted Compulsory Basic Education programme. Montrose conducted the research in five ethnic languages – Likpaapka, Dagbani, Guruni, Dagaare and Brifour – which included a literacy assessment in each language.

To find out more about our work in mother-language education, visit the project profiles or view the full range of our work in the education sector.

Education in Emergencies Assessment of Early Grade Learners in South Sudan

Room to Learn EGRA Adaptation

Assessment of Adapted Compulsory Basic Education Programme

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