Our Team

Victoria Brown

Education Specialist

Victoria Brown is Montrose’s curriculum and evaluation consultant. She has over 12 years of professional experience in a diverse range of education programming and systems strengthening; research; monitoring, evaluation and learning systems development; communication and educational tool design; curriculum and manual writing; teacher and instructor training and capacity building.

She leads the learning assessment and evaluation technical advice on the DFID-funded Girls’ Education Challenge Transition (GEC-T) programme for girls with disabilities in Uganda. She also provides oversight and guidance to modify and adapt EGRA, EGMA, SEGRA and SEGMA assessments for children with visual, auditory, physical, intellectual, communication and self-care disabilities, overseeing creation and piloting of tools, evaluation cycles for a longitudinal study, data analysis and reporting results to local and international stakeholders.

Ms Brown provides technical design support and leadership for the development of an adult functional literacy, numeracy and life skills curriculum for ESL learners in Papua New Guinea, including quality assurance and support to a global curriculum development team. She also advises and provides technical oversight for the national literacy program under the Global Partnership for Education in Sierra Leone. Ms Brown developed and revised literacy and numeracy kits in five national languages for a national education programme in South Sudan, including ensuring appropriate content, pedagogy and progression of activities between grades, and improving the layout of the instructional materials and teaching and learning aids to ensure suitable design and ease of access to information for low-skilled teachers.

Ms Brown is the Managing Director and Lead Technical Adviser for Ichuli Consulting and Ichuli Institute, two firms dedicated to educational research and programme development in partnership with governments and civil society organisations in Southern Africa. She has also worked with Stir Education, National Foundation for Education Research, British Council, RTI and DFID.

She has a Master’s of Education-Joint Certification from the American University: School of Education, Washington, DC, and a BA in English and Anthropology with Minor in Culture and Politics from Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences, Washington, DC.