Assessment reveals state of hygiene facilities as South Sudan schools reopen

Montrose led a research study into the functionality and accessibility of water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) facilities in schools across all 10 states of South Sudan under the Knowledge, Evidence, Research & Learning (KERL) component of the Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS)  programme.

The assessment was carried out to ascertain the current provision of WaSH facilities in schools and their functionality and accessibility for all children, including those with disabilities.

It was established that the availability of handwashing facilities in schools was low with only 33% of schools assessed having a functional handwashing facility available at the time of the assessment.

It is hoped that the findings will help the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI), GESS and education partners prepare for schools to safely reopen after being closed under Covid-19 restrictions, with barriers to girls’ education placed at the core so that the country can ‘build back better’ and more equitably.

Read the full WaSH report here.

Photo © GESS programme